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PSUT graduates have had a broad and significant impact on the region. They embody the values that the university strive to instill in their students: life-long learning, knowledge creation, initiation of change, responsibility and proactive citizenship which enable them to create a future of their own choice. As PSUT alumnus, you are part of a local and global community of talented graduates. We value the impact you are making and recognize your global achievement in academic and professional endeavors. As a member of the PSUT alumni community you will benefit from an engaged and lifelong network and enjoy the privileged access to a wide range of opportunities, resources and events. Our PSUT Official Page" helps you communicate and stay in touch with your classmates, friends, meet people and find new ways to connect with Alumni club and more. By fully integrating with social networks and nurturing a culture of helping and giving back, you will be amazed how vibrant your PSUT community is.